DAY&NIGHT interactive cards

Themes of playlists in DAY&NIGHT collection:

Good morning / Playtime / Good Afternoon / Naptime / Evening Lights / Nighty Night / Midnight Dreams

In the DAY & NIGHT set, you will find 7 Babbit Rainbow® themed cards. Each card includes an interactive Babbit TUNETAG™ chip that you can program with recommended playlists curated by Babbit experts.

These playlists are hand-picked for kids to ignite an early appreciation for great music. Each playlist contains 20-25 songs to guide them through the day - from energizing morning rhythms to sweet lullabies.

To access the playlists recommended by Babbit, you need to use Spotify.
Learn here HOW TO PROGRAM.

Requires: Babbit speaker, stable internet connection, Spotify account, Babbit app.