Digital detox: how to successfully reduce your child’s screen time

Life in the era of the smartphone can be tough. Our brains have a great deal more information to cope with than they did just ten years ago. Whether it’s multi-tasking between apps or constantly checking emails and social media feeds, the amount of information our brains are bombarded with on a daily basis can quickly leave us overwhelmed.

When we developed the Babbit speaker, we were keen to address some of those issues, but more specifically, the negative impacts that they have on the younger members of our families

Today’s children have grown up with a huge array of electronic devices at their fingertips, and although unlimited screen time can seem like an easy fix for keeping a child entertained, evidence is beginning to mount on the negative impacts of too much screen time, such as obesity, anxiety, impaired learning and poor emotional development.

So how do you start the process of reducing your child’s screen time back to healthier levels? Here are some tips that we’ve found useful along our own parenting journey:


It’s going to be tough to persuade your children to stay away from their screens if you’re setting a bad example yourself! We’re all guilty of spending too much time on Netflix, sometimes whilst browsing on our smartphones at the same time. If you want your children to cut down on their screen time, you’ll need to be a positive role model yourself!


Playing outside, going on a nature walk, playing a board game or listening to music are all great ways to keep the whole family focused on something other than the glow of a tablet or smartphone screen. In addition, getting outside and becoming more active can help to raise moods, improve fitness levels and even promote better sleep.


Many adults are increasingly turning to the idea of a “Digital Detox” to help them kick the habit of smartphone and social media addiction. Honestly, we don’t think it’s necessary to completely eliminate screens from your children's lives, but it is important to set boundaries.
Try setting up “Screen Free Zones” in different parts of the house to help the entire family cut down on their screen time. For example: a screen free dining room can lead to more intimate family conversations and more quality time spent together, whereas keeping screens away from the bedroom can help children and adults alike to get better quality sleep.


It’s important to include your children in any discussions you’re having about reducing family screen time, as well as the problems and dangers associated with unlimited internet use. Try to warn your children ahead of time when their screen time is coming to an end for the day, and explain why you think it would benefit the whole family if stricter boundaries were put in place.


It can be tricky to approach the subject of online security, mature content and cyberbullying, especially with younger teenagers. On the one hand, it’s important that you don’t simply remove your child’s privileges entirely, but on the other, it’s vital that you know what kinds of content they’re exposing themselves to.
Try setting up parental controls on their devices or your main router, and encourage the sharing of passwords to foster greater feelings of openness and accountability.


You might be surprised at just how tech-savvy young children can be these days. They’re very attuned to the latest online trends, new games releases, online personalities and social media influencers. That means you’re also going to need to keep your finger on the pulse if you want to effectively manage the amount of risk and negative influence they’re exposing themselves to on a daily basis.

Taking back control of your family’s screen time and making positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle isn’t easy, but even a little perseverance during your children’s formative years can lead to a happier, healthier young adult.
Are you ready for a digital detox? The Babbit speaker brings the world of music to your whole family’s fingertips. Let your children reduce their own screen time - no assistance needed!


Are you ready for a digital detox? The Babbit speaker brings the world of music to your whole family’s fingertips. Let your children reduce their own screen time - no assistance needed!

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