About us

Babbit is a family-owned company. Babbit creators Aleksandrs Roga and Liene Roga

Our aim is to encourage children to be independent, curious and creative

Babbit is a family-owned company. Family bonds and conscious living are at the heart of all products we create.

We want to encourage children to appreciate beautiful, thoughtfully made products created from sustainable materials.  Our mission is to excite families through the magic of music, allowing them to connect and share for generations. 

Our team of dedicated creators, designers and music maestros have worked hard to bring Babbit to life. We worked with great care to design a unique and innovative product that is more than just a speaker, it’s an experience. An experience that unleashes the magic of music and that brings families together.

Meet the team!

Aleksandrs Roga, CEO, Babbit

Aleksandrs Roga

CEO, Co-Founder


Liene Roga, Co-creator, Babbit

Liene Roga

Co-founder, Collaborations, PR


Maija Rozenfelde. Head designer, Babbit.


Head designer

A little bit in love with everything she does. A gem.

Ingus Ulmanis, Creator of Babbit Rainbow

Ingus Ulmanis

Co-creator of Babbit Rainbow.

Producer with a velvety voice and brilliant ideas.

Andris Sējāns, Creator of Babbit Rainbow

Andris Sejans

Co-creator of Babbit Rainbow.

Man orchestra. With passion in academic music.

Egons Reiters, Creator of Babbit Rainbow

Egons Reiters

Co-creator of Babbit Rainbow.

Radio DJ, Party soul. 

Kaspars Zaviļeiskis, Creator of Babbit Rainbow

Kaspars Zavileiskis

Co-creator of Babbit Rainbow.

Music journalist, melomaniac.